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Podcast - Going Back to Work After Cancer Treatment

Marke Dally was diagnosed with AML in late January of 2016 with not the best of odds. He took the news on the chin with a "don't quit" attitude and quickly embraced the idea of beating this disease with an amazing team of health care professionals, and unwavering friends and family. Marke saw his grave news quickly turn into "go, and have a good life" in June of 2016.
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Dealing with PTSD During Isolation by Claudia Martino

This article was written by lymphoma survivor Claudia Martino I wanted to share a part of my story with this community because we obviously have some things in common! I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at four years old and again at 11 years old. I am now seven years in remission. I am writing this article to share with you what I learned from the Kids Write Network (KWN) process t...

Life in Isolation - Haley Zora

    This article was written by Haley Zora, a blood cancer survivor. 
Life in Isolation   Surviving isolation is a skill I’ve been forced to learn at three separate times in my life, and to be completely honest it wasn’t exactly thrilling at any time. Chemotherapy, a broken leg with a compressed vertebrae, and now COVID-19 have kept me from regular life and mostly ...

Surviving Quarantine by Rachele Chaar

    This article was written by Rachele Chaar, a bone marrow transplant and Hodgkin lymphoma survivor.    
Surviving Quarantine     Following the surge in COVID-19 cases, many provinces across Canada have declared a state emergency. In order to help contain the pandemic and flatten the curve, we’ve been asked to stay home as much as possible a...