Why Participate

Light The Night is stronger than ever, thanks to you.

In 2020, you joined Light The Night at the height of a global pandemic to raise over $5 million in an adapted virtual event. This year, Light The Night shines brighter than ever because you know

• The needs of the blood cancer community are greater as a result of the pandemic.
• The pace of research discoveries depends on continued, uninterrupted funding.
• Coming together, even when we’re apart, can deliver greater results.
• Beyond anything else, the future is full of hope.

When you Light The Night...

You are fueling research

Your fundraising is invested in our research grant program that ensures the pace of discovery doesn’t slow down especially during a pandemic.

You are putting a person in control

You are giving someone affected by a blood cancer the chance to receive personalized one-on-one support so they can be empowered to take control of their cancer experience.

You are easing their concerns

Your fundraising efforts make it possible for someone affected by a blood cancer to access services and resources created specifically for many of the concerns and challenges they may face.

A blood cancer diagnosis is more than the illness. It is a community of people first.

  • It is a person who will have to quit a job, stop school and pause plans for the future to overcome a grave illness.

  • It is a person who will have to care for a loved one day-after-day for weeks, months or even years.

  • It is a person who will find the best course of action to treat the illness, monitor the progress, or offer advice.

  • It is a person who will dedicate their career to finding new ways to treat the disease with fewer side effects.

  • It is a family that grieves a loved one lost to the disease.

Use Your Power

Red Hands Helping

Dispel Darkness

Post a memory of a loved one lost to a blood cancer.

Defy Despair

Share your message of hope with the blood cancer community.
Fist Raised

Defeat Loneliness

Share your story.

Why we participate

David Senac
David Senac
LIFE is always the strongest; I am a living proof that everything is possible. No matter what, keep fighting and never surrender. Of course, there will be up and downs but in the end what matters the most is to KEEP HOPE!!!

Toronto ON

Picture of Gianpaolo Filippelli's family
I participate as a Patient / Survivor
Gianpaolo Evangelisti
Gianpaolo was diagnosed at 3 years old.

Mississauga ON

Picture of Jastinne Ramos
I participate as a Patient / Survivor
Jastinne Ramos
I try to live by these three rules: be adventurous, be curious and be brave.

Ottawa ON

Picture of Light The Night Team
I participate as a Patient / Survivor
Amanda & Geoff Ball
"Everyone kept hoping it would be CML, because it’s one of the ‘better’ types of leukemia"

Calgary AB

Sonali Patel - Montreal
Sonali Patel
Cancer made me stronger, it changed my way of seeing life.

Montreal QC

Paul Davis - Conception Bay South
Paul Davis

Conception Bay South NL

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