Alessandra Tropeano

Alessandra Tropeano

Montreal QC

We are proud to recognize Alessandra Tropeano as our 2020 research champion.

Born and raised in Montreal, Alessandra involved herself at an early age in her local community. She began her career as a local performer in community festivals and fundraisers, all while pursuing her studies at Concordia University in the field of business. She also invested her teenage years in figure skating, competing regionally for 12 years followed by becoming a professional figure skating coach where she taught young children and coached young adults through various competitions.

Alessandra is driven, passionate, and hardworking. Her determination, perseverance and self-motivation has allowed her to manage school, figure skating, a full time job at Air Canada, fundraising, and being involved in her local community simultaneously.

Alessandra’s grandfather passed away from Leukemia close to 25 years ago. With him as her inspiration, Alessandra was searching for ways to be involved in raising awareness, donating her time and raising funds for the LLSC.

It started four years ago when Alessandra was invited to perform at the annual LLSC Light The Night walk where she sang on the main stage at Jean Drapeau.

This year, Alessandra embarked on a new challenge where she was nominated to raise funds for the Man and Woman of the Year campaign for 2020. The global pandemic was a massive obstacle which restricted all of the volunteers. Alessandra’s ability to go above and beyond as well as her natural ability to think outside of the box helped raise over $50,000 for the LLSC in just 9 weeks. Alessandra won the regional and national title for Woman of the Year 2020 for the LLSC.