Finding a New Normal

If you find yourself searching for meaning and trying to find a new normal, you are not alone. Many survivors eventually find a meaningful way of living after a cancer experience, but need support to get there. We are here to provide you with support and resources as you adjust to your new normal.


Tools and Resources

Journaling and Mindfulness

Journaling may have benefits for you no matter where you are in your cancer experience. The practice can help manage stress, help you solve problems more effectively, and help you get to know yourself better. The LLSC teamed up with Rachel Hayek to produce a podcast that walks you through a mindful Journaling practice and an accompanying journal that you can print at home. Rachel is a Hatha yoga instructor and wel...

Surviving the survivorship issues: Moving Forward

In this webcast, Dr. Mary Jane Esplen, Executive Director, Scientist, and Professor, de Souza Institute, University Health Network and University of Toronto will discuss common survivorship issues and share ways to cope and move forward.   Watch Recording   ...

Searching for Meaning & Finding a "New Normal"

This webcast briefly explores the impact of a cancer diagnosis - both on the individual and family. Additionally, the non-medical implications following a diagnosis will be addressed and further highlight the challenges in moving forward and finding a "new normal." 

Living with a Chronic Blood Cancer

In this webcast, nurse and psychotherapist Bonney Elliott addresses the psychosocial impacts of living with a chronic blood cancer on quality of life, stress, and social and family relationships.