Caring for someone with a blood cancer can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also be exhausting physically and emotionally. It is important that you prioritize your own health, and we want to help you get there.


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Survivor and Caregiver Burnout

Caring for a loved one with cancer can be a hard job mentally and physically. Even when treatment ends, caregivers still play an important role in the lives of cancer survivors. Dr. Ashley Margeson, ND and Dr. Jeremy Hayman, ND will discuss the reality of caregiver burnout and how we can work to prevent it from happening. Participants will learn the signs of caregiver burnout, strategies for coping and recoverin...

Podcast - Caring and Caregivers

Michele Rosko and her husband, Randy, were married in 2003. Randy was diagnosed with biphenotypic leukemia in the Fall of 2013. The road to recovery for Randy has had many twists and turns –ruptured gall bladder, C. difficile, perforated bowel and a bone marrow transplant with an anonymous donor. Six years post transplant, Randy continues to struggle with graft versus host disease. Randy’s remission continue...