About the Program

What we learned from our market research study is that following treatment, people often struggle between two worlds – trying to move forward while continuing to deal with the physical, mental and emotional impact of the blood cancer experience.

For more than a year, and with the help of our volunteer committee, we developed a brand new program to help serve the unique needs of Canadians navigating life after a blood cancer. We are endlessly grateful to our volunteer committee for their guidance and support and we’re so proud to offer a program that reflects and addresses the needs of those we serve.

About the Program

Your Life After Cancer Committee

Eight individuals formed the Your Life After Cancer advisory committee. This committee provided invaluable feedback on the direction of this program; they helped to assure that resources were available in accessible formats, and used their personal experience to guide development of material. Their wealth of knowledge about blood cancer survivorship was integral to the development of this program.   ...

Your Life After Cancer Stories

While cancer survivors often have shared experience and struggles, every blood cancer story is unique. Mixed media artist  David  X  helped us share just a few of these stories and the people who lived them. David X is a mixed media contemporary artist who creates striking paintings fusing Eastern and Western artistic traditions. We will continue to update this section with more inspiring survivor storie...