Webinars on leukemia and lymphoma


The LLSC webcast series is an interactive, educational showcase of the progress we have made in understanding, treating and managing blood cancers.

“I had lymphoma in 2005 and to hear of the breakthroughs in the past 12 + years is hopeful and amazing. Thank you for taking the time to put this together and thank you to the Dr and everyone for the research they continue to do." - Webcast Participant

Learn more by participating over the telephone and online in upcoming webcasts. Visit this page to access virtual lectures, audio replays and program slides from past programs.


Updates on the Landscape of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia​

Researchers are studying new methods that could improve the treatment of CML.
Advances in cancer treatment and new ways to relieve side effects have resulted in increased quality of life and a better prognosis for many people with this disease.


Dr. David Sanford, MD, FRCPC
Clinical Assistant Professor, Division of Hematology
Department of Medicine, University of British Columbia




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