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Fight Your Health Insurer and Win: Secrets of the Insurance Warrior

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Fight Your Health Insurer and Win: Secrets of the Insurance WarriorBy Laurie Todd
Healthwise Publications, 2007, 194 pages
ISBN: 0979143502

Do you have health insurance? Will it be there when you need it? "Between 2000 and 2003, seven in 10 adults who were driven into debt by medical expenses HAD INSURANCE AT THE TIME" (Readers Digest, April 2006). Among the many strategies which the insurers use to deny care:

  • The provider or hospital is "out of network."
  • The treatment/drug/procedure is "experimental."
  • The surgery/drug/procedure is "not medically necessary."

With Laurie's book, Fight Your Health Insurer and Win, you will learn how to leap these objections in a single bound.

About the Author: Laurie Todd is the Insurance Warrior. Diagnosed with appendix cancer, she fought her health insurer's denial of care and won. She has written appeals for patients all over the country. HMO, PPO, POS, military insurance ... She has never lost a case.

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