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  • Coping with Childhood Leukemia and Lymphoma

    Update 02.07.2015

    Families face uncertainty when they are told that their child has leukemia, lymphoma or another type of cancer. It is a time filled with new people and situations, worries and change.

  • Learning & Living With Cancer

    Update 11.01.2013

    This booklet is written to guide your child's return to school after a cancer diagnosis and help you develop an education plan.

  • Long-Term and Late Effects of Treatment for Childhood Leukemia or ...

    Update 03.01.2013

    This fact sheet can help you understand long-term and late effects of childhood blood cancers and provides guidance and resources for dealing with these treatment effects.

  • Pictures of My Journey

    Update 07.07.2017

    This activity book for kids with cancer can help children cope with their cancer experiences.

  • The Stem Cell Transplant Coloring Book

    Update 01.01.2015

    The Stem Cell Transplant Coloring Book is for children with blood cancer who are coping with having a stem cell transplant.