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1955: The organization was founded by five women concerned with the lack of focus on leukemia research.

LLSC in the News, June 2014

Message from Shelagh Tippet-Fagyas, President, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC) 

June 9, 2014

Dear Friend:

You may have heard about a sensationalist story in the Toronto Star of June 9.  I am unhappy about their misrepresentations and selective use of information leaked to them by a critic of LLSC. We have posted on our website detailed responses to concerns raised by the Star. This information reflects what was provided to the Star by LLSC.  You can judge the fairness of their use in our effort to offer the Star full disclosure of our proud history.

To those of you who work with LLSC, or have family or friends in our circle, I would encourage you to consider the record as outlined in those answers.

LLSC is doing invaluable work across Canada in our mission areas of research, patient services and education. In 2013 LLSC, spent 57% of gross revenue on mission and this is a number we have been improving and plan to continue to improve. According to Canada Revenue Agency filings the top 10 Canadian health charities spend an average of 53.4% on their mission, as a percentage of gross revenue.

Our 2013 contribution to research was just less than $2 million. Largely because of our strong relationship with our US affiliate, Canadian blood cancer researchers were able to attract more than $4 million in international funding for a total research investment of more than $6 million in Canada. 

LLSC also spent almost $7 million on patient service and education programs.

LLSC is continually working to identify ways to improve efficiencies in how we operate in order to fulfill our mission and help blood cancer patients. LLSC is committed to operating with transparency, accountability and integrity as good shepherds of our donor dollars. We are continuously examining our fundraising initiatives and campaigns to enhance the efficiency rates and reduce the cost of fundraising. It is important to make clear that the LLSC Board takes its governance responsibility extremely seriously and benchmarks its performance regularly to ensure effective use of precious donor dollars.
In advance of this story, LLSC cooperated extensively in responding to all questions in an effort to accurately portray how we allocate our funding to have the most positive impact possible on patients with blood cancers. And we have explained the transformation and growth of LLSC over the past decade.

As the new President of LLSC of two months, I am proud of the important work our staff and volunteers do. Through the good work of LLSC and our colleagues around the world, survival rates for children diagnosed with the most common form of leukemia increased from 3% to over 90% since the 1960s. Overall, survival rates for many blood cancer patients have doubled, tripled and even quadrupled.

Please feel free to call me personally for further details, if you still have questions after having read our website posts.

This very unfair and undeserved attack will do nothing to deflect us from our commitment to our mandate, our donors and the families and researchers whom we support.

LLSC staff and volunteers do important work to support the patients and their families who are facing the diagnosis of a blood cancer, to help them survive and, hopefully, be cured.

Thank you all once again for your ongoing support of our work.


Shelagh Tippet-Fagyas

last updated on Thursday, September 18, 2014